What is Decodable?

In a sentence...

Decodable is a real-time data integration and engineering platform as a service.

With Decodable, you define pipelines in SQL that process real-time streams of data that are attached to your data infrastructure by connections. Connections can be between Decodable and messaging systems, object stores, operational database systems, data warehouses, data lakes, and microservices. In this context, real time means sub-second end-to-end latency. In most cases, pipelines receive, process, and send data in tens of milliseconds.

Decodable is a cloud service, meaning there are no nodes, clusters, or services for you to manage. We handle all of the infrastructure for you. You tell us how to connect to your existing data infrastructure, and how you want to process it; that's it. We run in the same cloud providers and regions as you to keep costs down, reduce latency, and keep traffic private.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with Decodable:

  • Collect, parse, normalize, filter, and route application clickstream and user events to microservices, analytical systems, and ML/AI systems.
  • Create or enable self-service, curated real-time streams to support other teams that need data from a service you own.
  • Cleanse data of personally identifiable information (PII) and personal health information (PHI) before it leaves or enters a region.
  • Perform feature extraction for online ML/AI training systems and pipelines.
  • Implement the technical portion of a data mesh.
  • Provide the foundation required in a distributed Event Driven Architecture.

VIDEO: Getting Started With Decodable