Welcome to Decodable

Decodable offers a simplified, unified approach to real-time ETL with its fully managed, serverless platform. Powered by Apache Flink and Debezium, Decodable eliminates the complexity and overhead of managing infrastructure, allowing data engineering teams to focus on building pipelines using SQL, Java, or Python.

Overview diagram showing the end-to-end flow of data through Decodable. Connect Decodable to external data sources using connections. Data travels through Decodable via streams, where it can be processed and transformed by SQL-based or JVM-based custom pipelines. Finally, connect Decodable to external destinations using connections.

With a wide range of connectors for seamless data movement between systems and powerful stream processing capabilities, Decodable enables the development of real-time pipelines with ease. The platform ensures operational reliability through built-in security, compliance, and a dedicated support team that acts as the first line of defense for your data pipelines.

👇 Get started with Decodable

You can get started with Decodable today for free with no credit card required 🙌.

To try out Decodable take a look at the hands-on quickstart, or have a browse of the tutorials including an example of how to get data from Apache Kafka into Snowflake with Decodable.

If you’ve got a Flink job that you’d like to run, head over to Create Pipelines using your own Apache Flink jobs.

A quickstart is useful, but what about living with it? That’s where our support for powerful declarative resource management comes in. With this you can use development best practices by keeping everything in source control and integrated with your CI/CD pipelines. To learn more about the Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) features that are available through the Decodable CLI see the comprehensive guides here.

‍📖 Learn more

Decodable is built around some core concepts and tools. Work through the following—​or dip in and out at your convenience—​to delve into the platform more.

🔌 Connectors

⚙️ Pipelines (SQL & Java/Python)

🚰 Streams

🧑‍💻 Declarative resource management


📈 Monitoring