Step 6: Summary and what’s next

Congratulations on completing the tutorial!

You’ve mastered the basics of the Decodable platform, using it to:

  • Ingest a stream of data from a source connector into a stream.

  • Create a pipeline that wrangles the raw input data into a usable form for subsequent processing, writing the transformed data to a new stream.

  • Create a second pipeline for performing aggregations on the data stream.

The last step in any Decodable workflow is to create a connection to the destination that you want to send your data to. This tutorial skips this step.

Where next?

Now that you’ve got an idea of what you can do, why not start connecting your own data and exploring the rich streaming SQL that’s available for processing it.

Here are some resources to help you get further up to speed, including:

For more background on stream processing here are some conference talks and blogs to get you started:

If you get stuck or have any questions, head over to our community Slack or contact Decodable Support.