Amazon DynamoDB source integration

This is a supported integration which requires manual configuration.

If you are interested in native support with a Decodable connector drop us a line or join our Slack community and let us know!

Sending a data stream from DynamoDB CDC to Decodable is accomplished in two stages:

  1. Populating an Amazon Kinesis stream with DynamoDB CDC data

  2. Configuring a Kinesis source connector in Decodable.

For more detailed information, see the DynamoDB CDC example in the Decodable GitHub repository.

Create Kinesis data source

To capture a data change stream from DynamoDB, a Debezium server is created with an DynamoDB CDC connector, which populates an Amazon Kinesis stream.

  1. Create a Kinesis stream

  2. Create a DynamoDB table

  3. Go to the Exports and streams and enable Amazon Kinesis data stream details.

  4. Provide the Kinesis stream you created.

Configure a Kinesis source

Follow the configuration steps provided for the Amazon Kinesis source connector.