Make sure to keep your Decodable CLI installation up to date to take advantage of the latest features and improvements. See the Downloads page for information on the latest releases of the CLI.

Upgrade using Homebrew

If you installed the Decodable CLI with brew and want to upgrade to the latest version, do the following.

  1. Update the package metadata in brew:

    brew update
  2. Upgrade the Decodable CLI from brew:

    brew upgrade decodable

You may find that brew will fail without showing an error if it can’t access GitHub using your locally configured credentials.

To verify this, run the following and fix any errors as needed.

cd "$(brew --repository)"
git fetch

Upgrade using Decodable’s install script

You can also upgrade to the latest version of the Decodable CLI using Decodable’s install script. Running this command will download the latest version of the Decodable CLI in /usr/local/bin. This option is supported for both macOS and Linux systems.

curl -L releases.decodable.co/install | bash

Upgrade manually

If you installed the Decodable CLI manually, you will need to download the new version’s TAR file each time you want to update your existing installation. See the The Decodable CLI page for installation and setup instructions.

To see the latest version and when it was released, see the Downloads page.