InfluxDB sink integration

This is a supported integration which requires manual configuration.

If you are interested in native support with a Decodable connector drop us a line or join our Slack community and let us know!

Sending a Decodable data stream to InfluxDB is accomplished in two stages:

  1. Creating a sink connector from Decodable to Amazon Kinesis

  2. Using an AWS Lambda function to send the data stream to InfluxDB.

For more information, see the InfluxDB example in the Decodable GitHub repository.

Add a Kinesis sink connector

Follow the configuration steps provided for the Amazon Kinesis sink connector.

Create an AWS Lambda function

An AWS Lambda function can be used to write data from Kinesis to an InfluxDB host.

  1. Set up a Python environment

  2. Configure AWS deployment and environment variables

  3. Configure permissions

  4. Define a trigger

  5. Setup a Kinesis sink in Decodable

  6. Verify the connection using the InfluxDB Data Explorer