Decodable CLI v1.0.0 released!

Version 1.0.0 of the Decodable CLI is now available for download!


Linux (amd64) download sha
MacOS 10.15 and later (amd64) download sha

New and Improved

  • Stream create & update commands now support user-defined watermarks for event-time processing!
  • Pipeline and connection get commands give increased visibility into your workloads by exposing throughput metrics and runtime error details.
  • Stream IDs are no longer required when creating connections. If no stream ID is given, a new stream is automatically created as the source/sink of the connection's records.
  • Schema definition is no longer required when creating a connection if a stream ID is given. The connection schema will be implicitly defined to match the stream's schema.
  • You no longer need to login again each time you switch profiles (or use the -p flag). Authentication and refresh tokens are now persisted for each profile individually.