Connecting with dbt

dbt (data build tool) is an open source tool for transforming and modeling data within a data warehouse. By leveraging the dbt adapter, you are able to manage your Decodable pipelines and streams using dbt’s data model. For an overview of what dbt is, see the dbt developer hub.

Instead of developing and maintaining SQL queries in an unmanaged collection of files, dbt introduces a workflow around keeping queries in model files. These files can then be managed via git or another version control system. The dbt adapter enables the following workflows:

  • Clone an entire project with hundreds of queries and test them with dbt run.

  • Collaborate with anyone and everyone in your organization by leveraging the capabilities of version control, including making changes via pull requests or working on experimental branches.

  • Define assumptions about data, making it safer to implement and validate changes.

  • Allow teams to run dbt in their CI/CD workflows for automated deployments.

The dbt adapter is available as open source. See Decodable setup in the dbt documentation for more information on how to install, configure, and use the dbt adapter.