Amazon S3 Lambda source connector

Sending a data stream from S3 to Decodable is accomplished in two stages, first by populating an Amazon Kinesis stream via an AWS Lambda function, and then by adding and configuring a Kinesis source connector in Decodable.

If you are interested in a direct Decodable Connector for S3 via an AWS Lambda function, contact or join our Slack community and let us know!

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Create Kinesis data source

To capture events for S3, an AWS Lambda function is used to populate an Amazon Kinesis stream.

  1. Configure S3 read permissions

  2. Create a Kinesis stream

  3. Configure Kinesis write permissions

  4. Create the AWS Lambda function

  5. Create a notification trigger

For more detailed information, see the S3 Lambda example in the Decodable GitHub repository.

Configure a Amazon Kinesis source

Sign in to Decodable Web and follow the configuration steps provided for the Amazon Kinesis source connector to create a source connector. For examples of using the command line tools or scripting, see the How To guides.