Step 1: Activate the connection

Connections connect your data infrastructure to Decodable. They read data from an external system to a Decodable stream or send data from a Decodable stream to an external system.

When your Decodable account was created, a Datagen connector was set up for you, which generates Envoy HTTP request log data. In this step, we’ll activate this connection to start generating a stream of records.

  1. Select the Connections tab to view all the connections in your account. You’ll see the one that has been pre-created for you.

    quickstart step1
  2. This connection uses the Datagen connector, which generates test data. This connector is a source connector, meaning that this connector reads data from an external system into a stream.

  3. Activate the connection by selecting the (…​) icon, and selecting Start.

quickstart step1 2

Once you see that the Actual State of the connection shows Running, data is being sent through the datagen_envoy_connection into a stream.

quickstart step1 3

Let’s take a closer look at what the data being sent through this connection looks like!