Checklist: Set up an end-to-end workflow using Decodable

This quick start is for users who are learning how to use Decodable. Complete the following steps to create a basic Decodable setup that receives data from a data source, processes the data as needed, and then sends the processed data to a data destination.


This quick start assumes that you have already set up a Decodable Account. If you haven’t already done so, see Set up a Decodable Account.


This diagram shows an overview of the steps required to set up and use Decodable.
Number Task Documentation


Add Decodable IP Addresses.

In order for Decodable to access any upstream or downstream systems, you must allowlist the IP addresses for Decodable in AWS.

AWS Regions and IP Addresses


Get data into Decodable using connectors.

Connect to a data source


Configure an input stream.

A stream transports records within Decodable.

Create and Manage Streams


(Optional) Create and apply pipelines to transform data.

You can skip this step if you want to move data from one place to another, without transforming it.

About Decodable Pipelines


Configure an output stream.

Create and Manage Streams


Get data out of Decodable into a destination using connectors.

Connect to a data destination