Set up a Decodable account

The first step to getting started with Decodable is setting up an account. All resources—​including connections, streams, and pipelines—​are created within an account. An account is an isolated tenant in Decodable and exists in a single cloud provider and region. However, Decodable can connect to data services anywhere.

An account can have many members, and everyone on your team can invite additional members.

Each account has an account name as well as a display name. The account name is used in API requests and authentication and can’t be changed. The display name is a human-friendly name and can be changed at any time.

If your team already has a Decodable account, ask them for an invitation.

Create a new account

Create an account with the Decodable Web Console. You’ll need to provide the following.

  • Account name: Something like my-company-name. This will be part of your account’s API host name. This must be unique across all accounts.

  • Account display name: Anything you want, for easy reading on the Web Console.

  • Region: We currently support several regions in AWS. If you need a different region or cloud provider, let us know.

Once you have an account, you can get started using Decodable for your data processing needs. See the quickstart for a hands-on guide, or this checklist to jump straight into it.

Adding members to an existing account

You can send an invitation to the user you’d like to add as a member in the Account Management view.

If the user you are inviting is using a Google account, you must use the primary Google account name, and not any aliases that may exist for it.